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Wandering in the Dark

The group spent several days wandering through the underdark, nearly starving to death on multiple occasions. We eventually got to the point where it was bad enough that we ate a group of Goblins we found.

We also found a rope ladder and chasm to cross, and thanks to Derendil and Abu Nasir, we made it past them. Hopefully, we left those elves in the dust.

The next day, we ran into a bunch of six Quaggoths. It took nearly 30 seconds to kill the beasts, with Derendil passing out twice, as well as Abu Nasir.

Eating Potatoes
They're Yum

I am Iain, ruler of worlds

The arcanaloth defeated Kenneth, who died in a fiery storm of crying halls of demons.

On our way to deliver the ruby of power to those who need it, we were attacked by vicious hyena men (gnolls). We almost died because we are losers and can’t role higher than a 9. Through Iain’s amazing healing skills though, everyone was able to survive.

Then we met with three centaurs who let us pass because they like Cenarius (Autumn Lord). But we met with some sprites who were also corrupted like the deer we found. So we went to battle with them. Immediately, one of the sprites shot an arrow at Micheal who caught it, threw it back, and insta-killed the sprite who shot at him. Like a boss. We also battled with some blink hounds.

Finally, right when we were about to find the silver town to deliver the red crystal of corruption, we were kidnapped by the drow, an underground group of dark elves who have enslaved us. Sucks to suck.

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